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official steve interview

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We know you ruv Steve Jones, and who could blame you? Certainly not us. Which is why we tracked him down to ask him some pressing things about 'Hollyoaks', sleazy TV uncles and underpants. You'll have to read on to find out if we're lying about the underpants bit...

He hates watching himself back
Interviews on T4 and 'Transmission' go very quickly so I can never remember what I've said to guests. I never watch it back either because I can't stand watching myself. If I watch it I find myself going, "I probably shouldn't have said that; I wish I had said this." It's just a nightmare, I'm so critical of myself. I always think, "Jesus why didn't I do this," so it's just not worth me watching it. Whatever I say goes out so I'm best off just leaving it. Some may call me a perfectionist. Others may say it's just insecurity and paranoia. One of the two!

He legs it after 'Transmission' finishes
Normally once we do a show, I shoot off because I've got T4 or other things I'm working on so I don't really stick around too much. Not rude or anything but I've usually got to go and film T4.

He's not that sad. Honest
My perfect night - especially after a day of filming - is staying in my flat and watching a good DVD. I'm not that sad honest! I do like meeting up with close friends and family, I love that. But big groups of people, no thank you. It's just there are so many people on a TV set that it's nice to have some quiet.

His mother is banned from watching 'Transmission'
I've actually told my mother, and this is the God's honest truth, "Look, Mam, I'm going to say certain things on this show that I just wouldn't like you to hear so please don't watch it," and she's promised me she won't and my grandfather has as well.
I don't want them watching it because it can be quite rude. They can watch T4 all they like but not 'Transmission'. T4 is like your family show and 'Transmission' is like your TV pervy uncle or your dirty cousin. I love it!

He makes a good brew
I'm not much of a tea drinker. I quit smoking a couple of years back so I drink more tea than I used to but when I do make one I always ask June and Miquita if they want one. We're a pretty close family.

He'd love to chat to Anthony Hopkins
Deciding who gets to interview the guest is a pretty organic process really. We all chip in and the producers come in and discuss who's right to do what. It's never, "Oh June likes this person more let's get her to do it," it's more, "Oh this interview will work best with Steve or this one will work best with June and this interview will work best with Miquita." We've never had any squabbles. We've all done the same people like a thousand times but then there are always good opportunities knocking around like the chance meet up with Rosario Dawson so it's all pretty good. Saying that, I wouldn't mind interviewing Anthony Hopkins. I like him, he's one of my all-time favourite actors but not in his 'Silence Of The Lambs' mask. That would be scary. Oh and George Clooney, I've met him and hung out with him but never interviewed him so that would be great. But generally I just get on with interviewing and don't really think about who I'm speaking to.

He loves Little Tomů
I love 'Hollyoaks'! I watch a lot of it for my job but I do love just chilling to it. It's tricky picking my favourite character though. I like Max and OB, I think they're good characters and cheeky chappies. And Little Tom. Everyone loves him don't they? We had him on T4 before. He was so cute.

Miserable people make him happy
I was saying to somebody the other day that watching these people in abject misery makes me feel a little bit better. But if your life is worse than someone's on there, then you're utterly fudged. If your life is worse than somebody on 'Eastenders' then you're really in trouble. Like Britney Spears - poor girl, she really is a soap opera. It's one thing after another with her. It's a shame.

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